The AI powered logistics platform

The logistics industry is evolving, whether that’s within the pharma, medtech, automotive aftermarket, marine or retail sector.

With increasing cost pressures, rising customer expectations, rapidly shifting regulations, and demand for more sustainability, businesses need perfectly tuned logistics to produce, import, export and distribute their products competitively. To achieve that they need to integrate the best digital partners and employ the latest logistics technology.

That’s where the 7Bridges platform comes in.

Our platform

The 7Bridges logistics platform allows businesses to manage day-to-day logistics operations through automated and intelligent workflows. This improves process control, reduces the average time spent on each shipment, and drives down costs from procurement to payment.

Furthermore, access to our comprehensive benchmarks, intelligence and AI powered simulations create opportunities to streamline supply chains and negotiate contracts with complete visibility of their impact on margins and service levels.

  • Reduce logistics OPEX by 30%

  • All your logistics providers accessible in one place - no integration needed

  • Gain operational control by centralising all logistics operations

  • Automate, process and fulfil orders all in one system

  • Accurately predict new contract impact using performance and cost data

Two months after starting with 7BRIDGES, our costs were down 20%, and now we’re on track for over 40% savings as we roll it out across the company.
— James Lyons, Operations Director,
 – Ability Matters Group

Our technology

Underpinning all our products and services, the LogisticScience Engine gives our clients timely, precise and nuanced information to support their decision-making, with unlimited flexibility for modelling the business implications of changing supply-chain scenarios.

This underlying technology means that 7BRIDGES products are far easier to work with and deliver results more rapidly. They learn from the data, work out what they need to know, and serve you with the knowledge without requiring a commitment of your effort, time or resources.

LogisticScience technology is woven into all our products, and you won't even notice it's there doing the heavy lifting for you.

The LogisticScience Engine enables us to rapidly deliver data-based insights that would be impossible to obtain any other way. The Engine:

  • Takes historical logistics data and, through machine-learning technology, “cleans” it to make it usable in analytics queries, grouping duplicate addresses, shipments, classifying shipment charges, geocoding locations, converting to universal time

  • Learns the real service levels that you’ll receive from your provider

  • Learns the real costs that you’ll be charged

  • Uses this data to accurately simulate your logistics networks and predict the impact of changes to it

  • Constantly updates performance and value calculations from across the industry

  • Makes the results available to you quickly, so that you can use it to make operational decisions

How much can you save with a multi-carrier strategy?

When we ran a simulation with the shipments split between the same two providers on ‘best value per route’ criteria, the saving rose to 20%

When we ran a simulation with the shipments split between the same two providers on ‘best value per route’ criteria, the saving rose to 20%

For the sake of simplicity, a lot of businesses use just a single third-party logistics provider (3PL). But this is not a cost-effective approach, and it can compromise your service levels.

This white paper shows how much can be saved by using more than one provider, how building a portfolio of providers delivers both better value from your logistics spend and helps you improve service levels, and how to make working with multiple providers simple and extremely efficient.


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