Deal? No Deal? What you can do to protect your business

No-one knows what shape Brexit will take when it finally happens. The one certainty for anybody shipping in and out of the UK is that things will not be the same as they are now.

When nothing is certain, how can you prepare?

One obvious move is to increase your range of logistics options.

Every logistics provider is by now planning for October 31st 2019 and beyond, and should be planning for the worst-case scenario: ‘no deal’.

Inevitably – given the unknown horizon ahead – some will do better than others. And after if one provider experiences difficulty post-Brexit, another may offer a better solution.

You could stick with your existing contracts, and you may be OK. But it’s a risk.

On the other hand if you could quickly and easily access a much wider range of providers, that would be a prudent move – a hedge against the probability of disruption.

The 7Bridges platform makes it easy for you to do exactly that. When you sign up, you get immediate access to a range of the major logistics service providers – with no new contract negotiations required. So you can add these to your existing contracted providers, for a much wider choice, and a dilution of risk.

When you need to ship an item, you use the 7Bridges portal to initiate a search through live data from all the providers to give you real-time recommendations for the best option. And because the information we feed into our recommendations is constantly updated, if any of the providers is experiencing delays or snarl-ups, you’ll instantly be recommended a better alternative.

For most organisations, this way of booking a shipment doesn’t just offer the best value and service – it’s also much faster because our technology automatically implements your business rules and processes, saving your despatch staff a lot of time.

Under any circumstances this is a real advantage, but in the face of the logistics challenges posed by Brexit, it’s a critical safeguard against serious disruption to your business. And it’s one you can adopt almost overnight.

Get in touch with us to find out how this would work for you.