Everyday logistics in the real world involves decision-making with large numbers of variables, and that's why it's very difficult for an organisation to get anywhere near optimal performance.

Our all-in-one platform removes the pain and wastage via a highly automated logistics process that ensures lower cost and higher service levels through the selection of the best transport service for every shipment, consolidation of every order and the rapid production of shipping documentation to cost analysis, moving you towards a brilliantly efficient logistics operation.

Allows logistics departments to find and book the best deal for every shipment in just seconds. From live data, they can compare services from multiple providers and rank them in a unified portal and optimise their despatch choices and operations processes.

Allows the tracking of every shipment in real-time, from despatch to delivery. Prompt alerts and notifications are sent to customers of accurate delivery times, delays, and any of issues may arise during its journey.

Around 20% of invoices typically contain some kind of overcharge or error which is significant to the overall logistics OPEX. This tool assists in eliminating that additional cost by checking 3PL invoices against performance data and identifying overcharging, errors, incorrect tariffs or even unjustified customs levies.

This powerful and invaluable tool aims to equip CFOs and CEOs in their contract negotiations by using their historical logistics data to project what they will spend with the new contract compared to the expenditure of the previous one. In addition, PROCURE can also evaluate the service levels they are likely to gain under the new contract.


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